Vieworks Lens


Machine Vision Lenses

We provide customized lenses to enhance our product line. Lenses developed by Vieworks have
been thoroughly tested to work with our camera product line, so you get the optimal
performance from your solution.


VLS-T040C/T050C lenses are designed and optimized to work with 2/3 inch format, 5 megapixel
CCD cameras. VLS-T040C/T050C, object-sided telecentric lenses, can prove extremely useful in the inspection
of 3D objects or scenes where image size and shape accuracy are crucial. Its compact size makes the
best choice for machine vision applications involving significant space limitations.


VLS-N027F-0 lens is designed and optimized to work with 29 megapixel CCD cameras and sets a
new standard for lens performance in high resolution metrology applications. It prevents degradation
of sensitivity and brightness on the CCD equipped with a microlens. Specially, its MTF performance
curves show that each R, G and B curve converges on similar results. With these unique characteristics,
inspectors do not need to adjust the focusing accuracy every time the color of panel changed during
inspecting defects in the flat panels.





Resolving Power Depth of Field OI Working Distance F No. Magnification Model
8.4 ㎛ 0.43 ㎜ 284.4 ㎜ 142.8 ㎜ 5.0 ×0.4 VLS-T040C-0
6.7 ㎛ 0.27 ㎜ 226.6 ㎜ 109.3 ㎜ 5.0 ×0.5 VLS-T050C-0

17 ~ 26 ㎛

3.5 ㎜ (×0.21)
1.4 ㎜ (×0.33)
563 ~ 745 ㎜ 365 ~ 560 ㎜ 7.0 ×0.21 ~ ×0.33 VLS-N027F-0

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

† When the minimum permissible circle of confusion is twice as large as the pitch of a pixel

‡ Theoretical resolving power in 550 ㎚ wavelength